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IP issues are an essential concern for all companies!

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IP issues have become an essential concern for companies of all sizes. Insufficiently protecting innovations can lead to rights infringements which can impact investment and even potentially the survival of the company.

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With IP eTraining, discover the basics of Intellectual Property with Pierce Intel, your IP Detective.
Experience his investigations as if you're in a TV series with many twists!


The fictional universe of the IP eTraining is based on a series of investigations inspired by the Les Experts series. It is split into five episodes of 25 to 30 minutes, fitting easily into the working day:
      • Episode 1: IP - a key role in your company (introduction to IP),
      • Episode 2: Managing confidentiality and protecting secrets (know-how, secrets),
      • Episode 3: Protecting technical inventions (patents),
      • Episode 4: Protecting marketing and design (trademarks, design protections, copyright),
      • Episode 5: Protecting intellectual creations and software (combining IP rights).

Each episode is centered around a problem (a "crime scene") that the student must understand and analyse. This approach is particularly relevant for IP issues as they often arise in the form of problem within the company (disclosure of information, counterfeiting, hacking...).

Pedagogical approval committee

A pedagogical approval committee composed of industry experts and IP experts contributed to the IP eTraining investigations. This committee helped us to create the scenarios and validated the pedagogical content.

We would like to thank in particular: Elise Cardin (Saint-Gobain), Fabrice Chauvet (EDF), Alain Cugnart (RTE), Carole Debuchy (Cabinet Bleger-Rhein), Julien Pénin (Strasbourg University), Annabelle Ridray (Solvay).


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European Institution of Intellectual Property - French leader in continuing IP education.


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Almédia develop interactive solutions for professional training based on images and interaction.


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We would like to thank the Grand Est region for their support which allowed this project to see the light of day.


The key points of the IP eTraining

Fun learning environment

Discover IP through several episodes set up like a detective series. Meet different interesting characters. A new way of learning, fun and interactive!

Approved teaching methods

The pedagogical content has been created by the IEEPI, the French leader in continuing training specifically focused on economic aspects of intellectual property.

Quick sessions

Each episode lasts 25 to 30 minutes. Your progress is swift and automatically saved. Integrates easily into the working day!

Learn wherever you want

The eTraining modules are available wherever you are, on a computer, smartphone or tablet. They are compatible with all up to date browsers and both Android and iOS.

IP eTraining from just 250€!
Do not delay, join Pierce Intel.

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